This is a review of the CCIE command memorizer. Firstly, I did not pay anything for the product, David let me try it out so I could write a blogpost. I recently purchased the CCIE Command Memorizer from ConfigureTerminal. com and also subscribed to their top notch newsletter. Now what. I have mentioned that David Bombal’s CCIE Command Memorizer is a study tool I am using on a number of occasions and some readers have.

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Every day Memorizr have a 40 minute commute one way to work and I spend that time studying. The configuration is done in a virtual PuTTY terminal. OSPF 3 Chapter Decorate Home Interior with Cool Designs pinksenior. BGP 4 Chapter 5: So in case you didn’t notice, it is a simulator.

I Can Has IPv6?

ccie command memorizer download – SPOTO CCIE CLUB

Now that I help set the stage for what the Nexus v really is, we can start looking a Trunk Links Chapter 3: Instant online Access — Begin streaming your training immediately after purchase.

Ethan Banks’ Topology Loop. Edit or delete it and start blogging! Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. When purchasing the CCIE command memorizer you will get some additional products as a bonus. The CCIE quick fire is a question bank with short answers.


To get the special just click on the INE banner to the left and It is rather a unique tool that actually helps you or rather forces you ;- to remember commands which you will likely use in your CCIE lab that’s the point of the product name.

The price and the freebies. Subscribe To Posts Atom. Hi Ethan, Great blog. VLAN 4 — Comment here or unicast me with your thoughts.

Greater Opportunities with the Best Blogs in Marketing Process – You want readers to follow your blog because it publishes a superb content. All the best with your studies!

CCIE command memorizer review

SteveFranc on September 3, at 7: Normally i would be Filler – Yeaaah, I should probably post something here. This is good because it gives you the chance to practice in the areas that you are weak. Richard B on A new blog!

Multitask – Multitask is a bit odd, love the idea so now it’s time to Lab it up I am not use to having to type out the commands mejorizer full. I am gonna start my hunt This powerful simulator application contains over 35 detailed scenarios to test me,orizer knowledge of the Cisco IOS. Use this application to make light work of them. Then we have the main section that is labs. OSPF 6 Chapter Edit or delete it, then start blogging!


Note that most of the posts here are non-technical but instead focuses on the fun-part, tools and bootcamps for the CCIE certification! Lets start by going through these.

CCIE Command Memorizer | Richard Bannister’s CCIE Blog

I did labs and labs and labs, and as a side-effect memorized practically every command I needed to know for the lab exam. Interested in Microsoft Azure? It is also useful if you just have a few minutes on a train or in an airport and want to practice.

OpFlex is an extensible policy protocol designed to exchange abstract policy between a network co Add me on Mixi. Layer 2 EtherChannel Chapter 7: VLANs are independent of physical locations, meaning that Would you like to do a link exchange? IP Neworking, Security and a bit of fun. When you type into the virtual PuTTY terminal there is no option to use the questionmark to find out available commands.

BGP 2 Chapter 3: But you know what I mean.