Find out more about our 50PCH / PCV (kW) products on the Carrier UK website. grammed, easy to use, Carrier Comfort Controller set up for a WSHP . through panel opposite air coil on back discharge units. 50PCH. UNIT. SIZE. OVERALL. Find great deals for Carrier Aquazone 4 Ton 50pch Compact Water Source Heat Pump /60/3. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Al- low 15 minutes between cooling and heating tests for pressure to equalize.

Shipping supports are placed under the blower housing and compressor feet. Two-Position OA Damper — This setting is field adjustable and this set point may be adjusted as required.

There are a few settings that must be configured in the field and several settings that can be adjusted if required by unique job condi- tions. Unlike other alternative refrigerants, the two components in Puron refrigerant have virtually the same leak rates. Equipment safety features include water loop temperature monitoring, voltage protection, water coil freeze protection, and standard electronic condensate overflow shutdown.

Optional tin electro-plated copper tubing with high-tech polymer coated aluminum fins protect the evaporator coil from all forms of corrosive elements in the airstream.

Corrosion is also common in salt-water areas. Air Coil Fan Motor Removal. Deluxe D Control Jumper Settings.

Operation the water loop. 50pchh efficiencies stated are in accordance with standard conditions under ISO International Organization for Standardization Standard Closing off fluid flow to the unit when there is no call for cooling or heating reduces system operating costs, when using variable speed pumping, by reducing the speed of the primary loop pumps.

Optional pressure-rated hose assemblies designed specifi- cally for use with Carrier units are available. Page 50 Copyright Carrier Corporation Manufacturer reserves the right to discontinue, or change at any time, specifications or designs without notice and without incurring obligations.


The housing and wheel shall be designed for quiet low velocity operation. Step 8 – Wire Field Power Supply.

Carrier Aquazone 4 Ton 50pch Compact Water Source Heat Pump /60/3 | eBay

Units supplied without permanently lubricated motors must provide external oilers for easy service. Condensate drainage Venting — Properly vent cardier lines to prevent fan pressure from causing water to hang up in the piping.

Complete C Control Jumper Settings. An automated carrifr system provides continuous monitoring of each unit and performs quality control checks as equipment progresses through the production process. A loop controller with six stages 2 stages for heating and 4 stages for heat rejection shall be provided. Filter – 1″ Throwaway L x H Opt. The term pH refers to the acidity, basicity, or neutrality of the water supply.

Refer to Table 13 for unit operating limits.

Check Y and W wiring at heat pump. Units shall have an optional 2-in. Side to Back Discharge Conversion 1. This manual also for: Step 2 – Check Unit. If the cable will be greater than ft, a shield 22 AWG cable should be used.

Carrier Aquazone 50PCH Indoor Water-cooled Heat Pump 3 Ton 50pch036zcc3acn1

Copyright Carrier Corporation Manufacturer reserves the right to discontinue, or change at any time, specifications or designs without notice and without incurring obligations. As water is heated, minerals and salts are precipitated from a solution and deposited carrirr the inside surface of the pipe or tube.

All water connections and electrical knockouts must be in the compressor compartment corner post to not interfere with the serviceability of unit. Blower inlet rings allow blower wheel removal without having to remove the carrisr or ductwork connections. Plastic is not acceptable 7. The fan motor shall be 3-speed, permanently lubricated, PSC type with thermal overload protection.

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.


Carrier Aquazone Ton 50pch Compact Water Source Heat Pump /60/1 | eBay

Optional transformers shall be rated 75 va and shall have a push button reset circuit breaker on the secondary power. Langelier Saturation Index —0. Vertical units are available in four airflow patterns including top discharge with front, right carrifr left return. Water conditioning In some applications, maintaining proper water quality may require higher corrosion protection for the water-torefrigerant heat exchanger.

Each unit must be installed with its own individual trap and means to flush or blow out the condensate drain. Water quality varies from location to location and is unique for each job.

Perimeter cardier pumps operating in the heating mode extract heat from the building loop, thus dropping the building loop carrrier temperature. Should a fault occur 3 times sequentially, lockout will occur.

All WSHP units use low temperature soldered female pipe Transferring heat from warm to cold spaces in the building, whenever they coexist, conserves energy carrifr than creating new heat. If a hard lockout occurs, then the fault LED will display the type of fault until the unit is reset.

Ambient Air — db Min. Algae can also promote corrosion by pitting. Ensure thermostat set for heating or cooling operation. This allows connecting to a flexible hose kit without the use of a backup wrench making for easier, faster installation. The WSHP Open controller has its own hardware clock that is automatically set when the heat pump software xarrier downloaded to the board.

Condensate lines should be pitched to assure full drainage of condensate under all load conditions. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.