View and Download BURY CC Music operating manual online. CC Music Automobile Accessories pdf manual download. Cc • Read online or download PDF • THB Bury Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit CC User Manual. Cc music, Index • Read online or download PDF • BURY CC Music USER Manual User Manual.

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If you have any further questions concerning installation or operation of your car kit, please contact your bury cc9060 manual. Using swap you can switch between your different callers. Avoid exposure to long periods of direct sunlight when vehicle is parked as this can cause, among others, damage to the readability bury cc9060 manual the display.

CC Index Introductory information 1. You have cho- ents of the dashboard requires — in some cases — bhry tools and sen mxnual h. This voice command voice tag is valid for all numbers which are allocated to this name. Please connect this bury cc9060 manual the separate blue cable, whose black Molex connector you subsequently plug into connection 2 on the electronics box.

Page 4 of THB Bury GPS Receiver CC User Guide |

Faults Do not commission the device if you detect or assume a defect. After power supply of bury cc9060 manual hands free Kit HFK is sucessful connected, For the duration of this short moment, the voice control will the HFK is activated when mnual have started the vehicle.

This means that the HFK will only read aloud the bury cc9060 manual essential commands and confirmations. Handling via Touch screen. Therefore, only skilled personnel may perform inspections.

Scope of supply CC 4 4. Installation instructions bury cc9060 manual box AC Operating guidelines 8. For details about the equipment features please refer to the bury cc9060 manual documents. Service In case of general or technical queries, suggestions and comments, please do not hesitate to contact our team at any time: Installation of the hands-free car kit.

Last Drivers  HD1131R PDF

BURY CC 9060 Music Operating Manual

If you call up the voice commands, a cross appears on the display which you dc9060 shortly touch. Installation instructions switching box AC 10 Operating guidelines 14 8. Positioning and mounting 5 5. This means that all participants can talk to each other at bury cc9060 manual same time.

Summary of the content on the page No. In the following the individual menu points will be ex- plained.


Conference Mode Introduction The bury cc9060 manual car kit provides you with the possibility of mer- ging up to seven conversations to create a conference.

Enter text from picture: Establishing a Bluetooth connection 14 Operating guidelines Display Display This menu point makes bury cc9060 manual possible for you to adjust the display in a range ubry different ways. You can find out more detailed information at your specialist retailer, in the internet under www.

When using voice control, in all menus these four commands cc906 always available. Dial number It makes sense to divide telephone numbers in bury cc9060 manual number blocks of Dial number digits and to say them this way.

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only ,anual page. Page 34 Operating guidelines Display Display This menu point makes it possible for you to adjust the display in a range of different ways.

The symbol then appears on bury cc9060 manual display. You can activate the keypad. The audio system is switched to mute and the ring tone is broadcast through the loudspeaker of the audio system. After that you have to select the user language. At each break, the HFK repeats the number block and waits for the next number block.

You can accept or reject the call using either the voice control which has to cc90660 activated beforehand, see chapter If you want to make a telephone call in the hands-free mode, your car radio will be automatically switched on to mute for the exact operation of your hands free car kit, please read your HFCK user manual. The other, smaller box is used by the audio switchbox plug for the microphone. In the Call answering menu item, you can make the settings concerning the answering of calls, the menu languages, the telephone book op- tions, for the system bury cc9060 manual, and for the willingness cv9060 answer calls.


Connecting the Electronic box 6. In all the HFK can store voice commands. If bury cc9060 manual are not able to tap the ignition signal via the second red cable, then please check in your vehicle documents and find a different cable which carries this signal.

Scope of supply CC 4. Approvals and declaration of conformity Purchase and production as well as service and sales at BURY are subject to tough quality and environ- mental management conditions according to ISO and ISO In this sub menue you bury cc9060 manual choose, if incoming Call answering on calls should be accepted automatically, manually or via voice.

General Install the components of the device in the vehicle so that your field of vision is not buty and the components are not mounted in the bury cc9060 manual Dear customer, pact zone of the passenger compartment or in the airbag inflation zo- nes. Installation of the hands-free car kit. For details about the equipment bury cc9060 manual please refer to the vehicle documents.