politically threatening or Benny Shanon needs to hit the talk show circuit. . be metaphor for The Antipodes of the Mind, frame of reference within frames of. Shanon’s authorial persona is earnest, serious, straightforward, absolutely trustworthy. Antipodes is suffused with a sense of genuine adventure John Horgan. Benny Shanon’s Antipodes of the Mind: Charting the Phenomenology of the Ayahuasca. Experience is one of the most compelling books on altered states I’ve .

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I leave this as an open question. As indicated earlier, consciousness is conceived of as the basic constituent of reality and the ground of all Being. Presumably there are plenty of other studies of such sub-aware coordination going on.

Benny Shanon: The Antipodes of the Mind – waggish

I had to relinquish any further contact with this world. In time I came to learn that this experience is very common. I felt the relationship between each ant, as a biological organism, and the colony as a whole. Methodology and General Structure.

The Antipodes of the Mind

Shanon seems to identify temporality as the distinguishing criterion between regular and non-regular consciousness. Request removal from index. The psychology of religious experience Patrick McNamara Limited preview – I would characterize it as idealistic monism with pantheistic overtones. Choosing, I realized, is tantamount to the taking of a particular path in this space.


We are 60 pages in before we come to this blithe passage: This is not to say that there are no distinctions—there seem to be multiple levels involved—but that concepts play some part at all levels. In this domain, the unconscious does not exist. On such occasions, the group becomes a kind of a single organism that acts in a precise and highly concentrated fashion.

Indeed, of the many people I have interviewed, only very few have not seen these patterns. As recounted earlier, once I also had a vision that made the notion of group-consciousness even more apparent to me.

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What characterizes very powerful experiences of virtual reality is that they involve no progressive process of immersion. Shanon divides the material by subject matter and thematic analysis. The beenny observations highlight the intrinsic affinity between synaesthesia and metaphoricity.

The most important, and well researched, book on ayahuasca out there. Middling Through in Australia, Then and Now.

Antipodes of the Mind

Classically Cartesian and empiricist accounts are misleading in this regard. Levin – – Journal of Consciousness Studies 13 9: King Zedekiah was chained and unable to move. This is a nonsensical question: A scene may mihd as one of the former kind, gain strength and reach the characteristics of the latter, and then it may perhaps dissipate and turn into an experience that is again primarily visual.

Other editions – View all The Antipodes of the Mind: Three informants reported grand visions in which the manifold of all forms was seen. My visual sense, however, is in fact much poorer and I have a much harder time summoning up vivid images; this seems to be the reverse of the norm.


Furthermore, on the basis of both empirical data and conceptual analysis, I claim that rather than being secondary, metaphorical processing is primary and non-derivative.

The Antipodes of the Mind – Benny Shanon – Oxford University Press

John Horgan, author of Rational MysticismA pioneering study of the phenomenology of the special state of mind induced by Ayahuasca, a plant-based Amazonian psychotropic brew.

Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. Often, a great multitude of such eyes is seen.

I saw my living room, my piano, my friend who was supposed to watch over me but who was tucked up in the large armchair sound asleep. Oxford University Press UK One example would be the conjoined twins Abigail and Brittany Henselwho are able to coordinate activities such as typing and driving, clearly without time for conscious reflection, despite each side of the body being controlled by an absolutely discrete brain.