George Bataille’s The Tears of Eros unfolds, innocently enough, as a simple timeline of the history of eroticism in art. According to Bataille. The Tears of Eros is the culmination of Georges Bataille’s inquiries into the relationship between violence and the sacred. Taking up such figures as Giles de . Inspired by Georges Bataille’s essay Tears of Eros, this short hybrid film/video is about erotism and death. Through different analogue manipulations of the.

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Bataille suggested another way of looking at lingchi photographs in The Tears of Eros that is not entirely repulsed by their cruelty. He was a librarian by profession. San Francisco Poet Laureates. Fred Botting and Scott Wilson Oxford: Marion Boyars, If, as I have outlined here, the specificity of Bataille’s understanding of the photographs of lingchi is the impossibility of thinking about them, a thinking of art is also put in doubt by Bataille.

The violence of these events, if not their photographic reproduction and exhibition, may well provide viewers with an opportunity to experience the continuity that eludes the discontinuity of death. But such an appearance proved in the end to be deceptive. Bataille writes extensively about Sade in this book and in Death and Sensualityalso published in In reducing the scope of informe to art Bois and Krauss reinstate the idealism that they are attempting to refute, turning from the clutter of the world to but one of its forms.

I take it to mean that sobriety is linked to reason and idealism, all of which focus on the unchanging, everlasting truth. City Lights Books- Philosophy – pages.

I think this is a statement of the existentialist admonition to live in the truth, rears we accept that the world of meaning, identity, and idealism that we fhe in order to make sense of living… is merely a diversion from the underlying truth of our lives. Description Detailed info Reader Reviews.


Perhaps a precondition to awareness of eroticism is to enter the world of the erotic… the world of the body… the world of automatic writing where the mind must abandon consciously controlled literary sobriety.

In his essay Elkins refers to the series that psychoanalyst Adrian Borel is supposed batxille have given Bataille inand which are published in The Tears of Eros. Roland Barthes, Julia Kristeva, and Philippe Sollers have all written enthusiastically about his work.


There the victim’s face looks upward, eyes rolled back, and it is there that Bataille finds the if of which he writes.

I read it as hataille inspirational message, as does my wife, but I know our individual interpretations of it are fundamentally different, though I have no interest in discussing this difference of interpretation with her.

Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. You have a memory of that dream, but then you are not fully awake. Thinking of the execution as symptomatic of gender relations, including the possibility that this was an adulteress being put to death, was what made these images “difficult to come to terms with.

This tension between the figuration of the human body and its concealment or disintegration indicates that the continuity of the images is found not in the figures but in their disintegration, and that the subject here is not the human and its variations but loss of the human. Earlier, his article “The Use-Value of D. A User’s Guide New York: Foreword by Georges Bataille. These facts shed some light on his essay. Death and Sexuality and Oc Painting: In it Bataille examines death–the “”little death”” that follows sexual climax, the proximate death in sadomasochistic practices, and death as part of religious ritual and sacrifice.

Truth exists, but only as founded on nothingness, which for me means that no thought or construct of meaning can contain truth.

The Tears of Eros

Georges Bataille was born in Billom, France, in Some of the photographs were reproduced as souvenirs and postcards, their distribution amongst participants, as well as family and friends, evidence of a compulsion to look that outlived the event itself. Refresh and try again.


The best part to me it’s the conclusion, where Bataille points out the ecstasy in voudon ritual animal sacrifices and the agony of a tortured man in China, he sees in those two examples the inescapable link between Eros and Thanathos.

This was the first Bataille book I ever read, so so good. Living in truth is to live with the realization which seems horrible that our lives have no inherent meaning. Bataille asserts that the face of this man, with eyes raised heaven-ward a la St.

The Tears of Eros – The Art and Popular Culture Encyclopedia

Also a philosopher, novelist, and critic he was founder of the College of Sociology. Jul 26, Elizabeth Timme rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I can imagine someone fascinated with human sacrifice as being someone who is committed to the world of the flesh… perhaps one that would argue for the earthbound nature of Satanism.

Sounds good to me. When they were exhibited at the Andy Warhol museum in Pittsburghno text accompanied the photographs, which were expected to speak for themselves. Still, as a impetus to explore and discover more by Batille, this text is an unquestionable success, as i’m compelled now to uncover more. Works of art partake of eroticism merely by affirming their own status as works, implicitly dissolving into their own contrary worklessness, in a suspension that has its origins in the relation of being to death.