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So if you are an old-hand or you are new to the German forces in Normandy, Atlantik Wall is sure to have something to satisfy your Flames Of War itch! We have also made some minor change to the Field Fortifications. Login Register Battlefront Miniatures Still the increased power of their 17 pdr guns combined with their proven speed keeps them at the top of the atlantilwall.

To reflect the different combinations of strongpoints we divided the combat platoons between Omaha Beach, talantikwall the Confident Veteran Things like special rules and the arsenals have been updated to make sure you get the most out of your troops and their equipment. The new Overlord brings these all into the fold, along with several new forces.

British and Canadian Forces in Overlord with Phil Yates Arlantikwall, the British section of Overlord needed more work than some of the other sections because Turning Tide already covered so many interesting divisions. We have also made sure that all of the forces are now compliant with the third edition of the Flames Of War rules.

FOW Lists: Atlantik Wall

Instead of supplying a bunch of trench lines we have simply made it so a force with Field Fortifications simply starts a game in Prepared Positions. Even more so than the tanks, the armoured car regiments did things their own kf.


So the 4th has the unique option to field 76mm Shermans in support. Preview of the New German Intelligence Briefings During the process of updating the Normandy compilations to make them fully V3 compliant we found a number of lists that we wanted to add waf make the book bigger and better than before.

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One last interesting thing concerned its 70th Tank Battalion. Overlord and Atlantik Wall are the latest compilation releases for the battles of Normandy and Brittany. Introduction to Battlefront Contact. Now you simply choose your division to decide the combination of SS special rules. While they may seem like the same old books, I assure you there is a lot of new and exciting content for your Normandy forces. For the Germans this meant that we were able to include an updated Panzergrenadierkompanie, two Pioneerkompanies as well as completely updating the Festungskompanies and adding a specific Brittany list.

The platoons have a variety of options including allmm Sherman platoons backed up by an all pdr Firefly platoon if you wantand platoons of two Shermans and a Firefly.

Purchase these Items Products mentioned in this Article. In the new Rifle Company it is now possible to field a more versatile mix of armour, including Breaching Groups with Crab mine-clearing flails and AVRE engineering tanks The Tank Company has been reorganised to allow its Churchill tanks to operate in half squadrons, as well as matching clames organisation of the period better with a mix of 75mm and 6 pdr tanks with the improved anti-tank capability in each platoon.


A new Independent Armoured Squadron brings in the three-tanks-per-troop organisation of the DD amphibious tank regiments. Reconnaissance This is an area that we expanded immensely. Obviously there were some points that needed updating, but I was keen to add some new forces to the book. I was excited to have the chance to update the US forces in Overlord. We have also added divisional appropriate extra options like armoured panzergrenadiers without the Panzer Lehr Tank-hunter teams, and Panzer II L Luchs light tanks for 9.

The other unit to cover was the th Tank Destroyer Battalion. Tweaking the Rangers I end this portion of the article about the American forces on the largest change in the American section: Infantry Divisions The Rifle Company itself has been expanded to cover the trained 15th Scottishthe veteran 50th Flamwsand the reluctant 51st High-land Divisions as well as the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division.

However, the fortifications facing the Allies on D-Day were more concentrated and the weapons more varied.

Flames of War – Atlantik Wall Hardcover Book 3rd Edition FW | eBay

Up to now US Rangers have been something of a labour of love for many players. Just make sure you bring your Pioneer Supply Trucks so help oof enemy defences flamse lay down some of your own. At the same time it has been focused more tightly on the D-Day landings. Infanteriedivision and the Confident Trained These briefings now cover 3. This means we have added options to field motorised Panzergrenadiers and Panzerpioniers.