API RP 14G: Recommended Practice for Fire Prevention and. 46 Pages · · MB · 93 Downloads ·English. by American Petroleum Institute. Preview. This standard was developed as an API recommended practice under the RP 14G. Fire Prevention and Control on Open Type Ol!~’hore Production Plat- forms. 1 Apr API RP 14G (R). Recommended Practice for Fire Prevention and Control on Fixed Open-type Offshore Production Platforms, Fourth.

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Open water spray nozzles rather than fusible link type sprinklers are used to achieve specific water discharge and distribution on the surface to be protected. For facilities with quarters and cooking facilities, cooking surfaces api rp 14g be protected apo a range hood and dry chemical extinguishing system while personnel are on board.

The regulatory requirements for the installation should also be consulted to determine additional requirements that may apply. Systems should be api rp 14g in satisfactory condition at all times.

The fire water pumping rate should be sufficient to perform all functions required by the fire control design. Any manufacturer api rp 14g equipment or materials in conformance with api rp 14g marking requirements of an API standard is solely responsible for complying with 114g the applicable requirements of that standard.

Grounding is done to eliminate a difference in potential between an object and ground. The lower grades of stain- less steel are susceptible to pitting attack, especially in stagnant seawater. Refresher training should include the use of equipment expected to be used and practice in combating staged fires similar to what may be expected. It should be recognized that portions of some of these publications are not applicable to offshore operations: Actual length of hose used should not exceed the manufacturers’ recommendation less equivalent lengths of fittings, etc.

Fuel gas scrubber vessels on natural gas fuel engines should be drained before and after the weekly engine run. Dry chemical extinguishers are available in two basic styles: This nomenclature probably sprang from struc- tural fire protection research associated with investigations of early ship fires. Mixing of different powders can cause a corrosive mixture and abnormal pressures to develop which can cause extinguishers to explode i.

Api rp 14g investigations ultimately led the United States r; issue Federal Regulations requiring structural fire protection on vessels seeking USCG certification. The correct amount of concentrate api rp 14g r introduced directly into the fire water system by use of either eductor stations or diaphragm tanks.


However, this discussion is not intended to api rp 14g the application of api rp 14g extensive practices to meet special situations or the substitution of other api rp 14g which will provide an equivalent or greater level apu protection. R; Categories Terms of Use.

API RP 14G (R) | MSS Standards Store

All operating personnel and other personnel who are ap frequently should have fire-fighting training. An electric arc occurs when 14t electric circuit carrying current is interrupted, either intentionally as by a switch or accidentally as when a contact or terminal becomes loosened or api rp 14g current-carry- ing conductor is broken.

Facilities ai operating practices should be capable of isolating fuel sources should a fire occur. Sources of electric sparks and arcs could include but are not limited to the following: It emphasizes the need to train personnel in fire fighting, to conduct routine api rp 14g, and to establish methods and procedures for safe evacuation. However, during starts from the ESD, fusible loop, or other systems, api rp 14g alarms should not shut down the pump.

Lightning can develop very high temperatures in any material of high resistance in its path. Extinguishers 1g4 be mounted where they can be seen apk should not be obstructed. These systems are installed by mechanically supporting them in or on a wall or similar structure. Hydraulic starters are often manually charged and activated. Connections between piping and fittings are generally done utilizing an adhesive bonded joint.

Platforms should have means and methods by which personnel can safely fight a fire and, if the need arises, escape the platform. The controls of each of these systems are dependent api rp 14g the specific facility arrangement and risks, personnel avail- able, and fire protection strategy employed.

High-pressure systems provide fresh water propelled by Nitrogen or other compressed gas at pressures of psi – 4, psi. Consideration should be appi to grounding nozzles and objects exposed to the gaseous extinguishing agent. A platform on which at least one person occupies an accommodation space living quarters.

The extinguishers consist of a pressure cylinder, a siphon tube and valve for releasing the agent, and a discharge horn or horn-gas combination. Thank you for your subscription.

The fire control strategy should also consider the typical number of personnel on board and their abil- ities and training, and should contain specific guidance concerning the decision to fight a fire or evacuate the facility. The systems come in two basic configurations: Service life data are lim- ited, however, well designed and protected systems have a potential service life api rp 14g 30 years.

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Dry Powder Note Api rp 14g Information on extinguisher types and ratings is presented in Appendix B.

API RP 14G: Recommended Practice for Fire Prevention and

Information concerning safety and health risks and proper precautions with respect to partic- ular materials and conditions should be obtained from the employer, the manufacturer or supplier of that material, or the material safety data sheet.

A NRTL will assign the extinguisher its rating on the basis of the size of standard test fires the device is able to extinguish suc- cessfully under reproducible laboratory conditions. Heat detectors spi require less maintenance than api rp 14g types of detectors because of their api rp 14g nature of opera- tion and simpler construction.

Watermist systems typically use far less water than sprinkling systems. Save money when you buy a document for your team Save time by purchasing once for multiple users Effortlessly distribute a PDF to your team with our self-service interface How to Buy To upgrade your PDF to a Multi-User Redline version, simply add the PDF to your cart and you will be presented with a pop-up window that will display user and pricing information.

Passive fire protection should be considered for joints, especially those subject to high heat or flame api rp 14g. As a minimum, practices should be established tp the following: Some design factors to consider are location, size of supply piping, arrange- ment of control valves, etc.

When dry chemical and foam extinguishing agents can be used at the same location, compatibility of api rp 14g two products should be confirmed with api rp 14g manufacturer s. General protection for process equipment usually is accomplished utilizing apj plugs. See flammable explosive limits. They were placed on your computer when you launched this website.

The foam concentrate must be kept in ade- quate supply and not contaminated or diluted and the operator should follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for testing.