Le tri à bulles ou tri par propagation est un algorithme de tri. Application du tri à bulles au tableau de nombres «5 1 4 2 8» ; pour chaque .. A Shell sort, different from bubble sort in that it moves elements to numerous swapping positions. Check out my latest presentation built on , where anyone can create & share professional presentations, websites and photo albums in minutes. Sort an array of elements using the Shell sort algorithm, a diminishing increment sort. The Shell sort (also known as Shellsort or Shell’s method) is named after its inventor, Donald Shell, who published the (de shellSort (A).

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For other sorting algorithms, see Category: Sorting Algorithm This is a sorting algorithm. See the example for the bubble sort for a more complete program.

Adapted version from [2].

This excerpt contains just enough of the procedure division to show the workings. If you want to preserve your unsorted array, use a copy of the array as an argument to this method.


Translated from pseudocode at Wikipedia. Now-a-days, the USA algorithne two-character abbreviations. Here we take an approach that’s more comparable with the other examples on this page.

Sorting algorithms/Shell sort

This is a generic implementation of the shell sort. This version deals with any kind or value of valid index type.

This page was last modified on 11 Octoberat algroithme Page Discussion Edit History. Privacy policy About Rosetta Code Disclaimers. This method will sort in place. Create account Log in.

Tri à peigne — Wikipédia

It may be applied to a set of data in order to sort it. Ada allows arrays to be indexed by integer or enumeration types starting at any value.

Sort an array of elements using the Shell sort algorithm, a diminishing increment sort. From step get the absolute value, and direction get from starting and ending value.

Tri à peigne

Retrieved from ” https: Shell sort is a sequence of interleaved insertion sorts based on an increment sequence. Picture for array to be sorted is purely fictional, there’s no boundary check – hence: Empirical studies have shown a geometric increment sequence with a ratio of about 2. This example relies on the supporting procedures ‘sortop’, and ‘demosort’ in Bubble Sort.


Fortran version 90 and later. The increment size is reduced after each pass until the increment size is 1. Sorting Algorithmsor: In addition to the “usual” array and array lenght parameters, you need to supply an area initialized to low-values to detail row-length and up to 10 sort keys defined as follows: For a more complete explanation of the Eiffel sort examples, see Bubble sort.

With an increment size of 1, the sort is a basic insertion sort, but by this time the data is guaranteed to be almost sorted, which is insertion sort’s “best case”.