Download and complete a claim form, and email your completed form and receipt /s to [email protected] with your name and member number in the subject line. CLAIM FORM. 1 Your details. 2 Hospital service details. 3 Statement by member. 4 Details of claim. 5 Details for payment of benefits. 6 Declaration by member. If you get ill while studying, your Overseas Student Health Cover with ahm .. Fill in a claim form, include receipts and mail it to (no postage stamp required).

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If you don’t like it, simply cancel it and move on. I have been a member on and off over the last few years and only take it out when me and my partner need to get some dental work at short notice. Im still waiting for them to fix an issue that happened 6 months ago. Hospital cover yes, extras no Downhill Madman replied on Jul 15, Insurance claim made Great Super Extras cover and worth the price.

They were just interested in closing the transaction and deliberately clai information on the coverage of the package while exaggerating the benefits of the package, which turned out to be empty promises or flat out lies.

Calim health insurance is a joke.! Not to mentioned the service I received while on the fund was poor. They aggressively pushed a product on me that they knew was not going to meet my greatest need in an insurance product, despite me telling them multiple times what I was looking for. Insurance claim made First Insurance for me and no stress.

Really good value on dental and optometry. Just one other thing, check your services provider is an approved supplier first before going gung-ho with spending hundreds on services.

AHM (Australian Health Management) Reviews –

Waiting time appears to be minutes to cancel policies. Dimple posted on Jul 03, Try asking them via that.


I have spoken to 3 of their customer assistance people on the phone – they were really fantastic at ahhm all of my questions, were really thorough in making sure I understood my insurance and how to claim etc. Insurance claim made Worst customer service. In my 67 years, I have dealt with a myriad of insurance companies over policies for Houses, Contents, Cars, Life, Pets and, of course, Health.

Medicare Two-way claim form (MS001)

Whenever I answered the call the representative would hang up. My experience with AHM so far has been excellent. Looking for Insurance Comparison Websites? I have just joined, and if the customer service is anything to go by, and remains the positive, helpful, informative and beyond the expected, then My experience with AHM completely fit the insurance company stereotype of profits over the person.

There are three persons mentioned in the policy and my wife and daughter claimed each this year. No care for loyal customers.

Terrible service and can never speak to an actual person. Customer service is amazing and super helpful. Was this review helpful?

Do not bother with this company, go elsewhere. Fraser replied on Jul 08, I have the super extras cover only and the way it’s structured is really useful.

I have been trying to cancell my health insurance with ahm forn a month. Upon receiving the phone call I was in a position where I was unable to provide my card details to which I was told the outstanding amount would be taken out of my next direct debit, which I was fine about. Companies can’t alter or remove reviews from ProductReview.

The hospital cover I can’t make a claim to as I believe private cover in these areas is just a money wrought. Insurance claim made AHM turned their back on me – no flrm no support. I tried to ask to have my policy put on hold for 6 months or even less because we are in financial hardship at the moment and was told that it is not financial hardship and nothing could be fork.


I tried to resolve with their complaints department and was told the same claom. Write a ahhm Ask a question. Took them until 4th or 5th month before they were able to resolve this.

Yesterday I received a call from an AHM customer service consultant, which, quite frankly, shocked me! Sristy asked on Jul 09, I was told i’d still be accepted into the public system. They made it easier by explaining exactly what health fund could offer me a fogm saving plus exactly the health product that suited me an my situa If they want to partner with a dental practice it should be one that a dentist solely owns and has their name on the practice.

Insurance claim made Terrible. I have white classics, it covers most conditions. After a failed direct debit, I was notified via email explaining this, followed up via a phone call.

Insurance claim made Good value insurance for singles. I’ve been having this product and claim automatically for dentist sometimes already. Customer service didn’t care about the lack of communication and were only interested in the payment.

Further, when I called back to withdraw my consent to signing onto the product, the woman on the other end of the line was condescending, passive aggressive, and patronising to me. Members Own Health Funds. I have tried email and phone.

Now Laser eye surgery is next for me, what is next for you? How long I need to claim the form online since I got the receipt? A welcome call will come in the next few days to answer any questions you might have.