Sensor The sensor technical information is contained in the ADNS Data Sheet. Lens The lens information is contained in the HDNS/HDNS# ADNS datasheet, ADNS circuit, ADNS data sheet: AVAGO – Optical Mouse Sensor,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for. Kit Components. See table below. Sensor. The sensor technical information is contained in the ADNS Data Sheet. Lens. The lens information is contained.

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Finally, some wiring was added for the power supply and the two-wire clock and data connections.

(PDF) ADNS-2610 Datasheet download

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems. The image insertion point is moved according to the increment values read from ADNS registers 2 and 3, respectively. This is the second experiment with a sensor from an optical mouse. Does anyone know what might be causing this?

Optical mouse chip camera- Seeking advice [SOLVED]

I’m using myRIO device: The following images shows the result of the assembly seen from top: Circuit Draft I used a slightly modified version of the circuit described in the c’t Bot Wiki: The following screenshot displays the canvas: Thanks again for your help!


I am glad to hear that you think the problem lies in the java app and not in the chip or the Arduino code. I assume that square wave. I shall update this thread with any results.

Thank you for the code. The c’t Bot Wiki site acns a detailed description of the camera sensor in German language. Thank you thank you thank you thank you. You write to the Pixel Data register to start a frame and can then read 18×18 pixels from that register.

Message 3 of 4. For details, see the following two documents that are available at the Avago web site: Message 4 of 4. The acrylic glass base plate and the LED holder were added and fixed by hot glue.

Let’s start with the old mouse: The clock and data pins are probably compatible so the register read and write functions can probably be re-used.

I can’t find any information on it in the datasheet. Additional NI Product Boards: Physical Construction The pins 5 through 8 datsheet soldered to a small stripboard.

Last Drivers  TCA780 EPUB DOWNLOAD

After sending the request is us delay and after that sensor will give a Byte containing a movement information of Y or X. I got the mouse to work. Johnwasser you are so fantastic!

ADNS-2610 Datasheet

Here is a dropbox link: I am interested in making this optical mouse camera scanner http: I am curious, how can you tell if the chip is producing a 18×18 image?

The second Byte contains data that you want to write. The two-wire clock signal was connected to the digital pin 2 of my Boarduino, the data signal was connected to pin 3: They were used fatasheet at the end of the assembly.