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The 1N is made for lower frequencies and 1n34 datasheet currents than a signal diode. As you can see from this diagram from here, The 1N34A will conduct 0.

The 1N34A will conduct 0. Whether and how well it works at other audio frequencies is anybody’s guess.

darasheet 1n34 datasheet up using Facebook. The trick lies in the combination. I tested it indoors as well though and it still didn’t work so it wasn’t exclusively the temperature.

1N34 Datasheet(PDF) – List of Unclassifed Manufacturers

How well 1n34 datasheet will do anything else is anybody’s guess. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. They 1n34 datasheet use a piece of piezoelectric crystal to work. Another thing to keep in mind is that they don’t have fanstatic range.


It is completely 1n34 datasheet that another part of my circuit 1n34 datasheet to blame, I just want to rule out the diode. You need the crystal earphone to avoid loading the tuning circuit and to keep the Vf low enough for the diode to demodulate the signal.

(PDF) 1N34 Datasheet PDF Download – Diode Switching V A 2-Pin DO

A piezo buzzer is meant to BUZZ at a particular frequency. It all comes daasheet to building the receiver right with all parts as specified, then you can start experimenting with buzzers as earphones or using other diodes, etc. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy 1n34 datasheet, Privacy 1n34 datasheetand our Terms of Service.

I think that “a piezo buzzer” today isn’t comparable to a crystal earpiece. 1n34 datasheet a crystal earpiece just a piezo buzzer?

1N34 Datasheet

How did I miss that? 1n34 datasheet ties back in to what I said about building the first one right with all the right parts.

Sign up using Email and Password. Get it 1n34 datasheet right, first, though. But at mA it looks like it conducts 0. Look at the graph above – with uA flowing I bet the forward volt drop is probably 0. I 1n34 datasheet no sound from it through a piezo buzzer pressed against my ear and figured it was maybe because of the diode, so I looked around for the datasheet for the 1N34A to read its characteristics. The typical load on 1n34 datasheet 1N34A diode in a crystal radio is a crystal earpiece with an impedance of 20kOhm.


Look at this one: Would this still be a suitable replacement for a Ge diode? They are finicky enough that even slight variations will cause a failure – substituting parts is just asking for trouble.

It may well be the 1n34 datasheet that is causing problems. Also worth noting 1n34 datasheet that Vf is dependent on temperature. Use a proper crystal radio earphone!

Thanks again for your replies. A 1n34 datasheet is made to work specifically at a particular frequency. From my own experience in building crystal radios, you would be well advised to build the first one using exactly the parts recommended and exactly the schematic of someone who has built one successfully.

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